Stack-houses Hangzhou, China

Pick as many levels and assemble your own home.
This design principle for residential architecture, gives inhabitants the freedom to choose the levels they need to create their personal apartment block. The different blocks together form a lively city block with a peaceful courtyard.

The design for this city block located in downtown Hangzhou, is not afraid of it’s heritage in traditional Chinese architecture. An typical Tulou roof is used to direct light into the heart of the apartment and collect rainwater. Around this courtyard two staircases run to the two apartments per block, but for privacy reasons, never meet.

The levels each have their own quality. Ground levels variety comes in shop, restaurant, café, office or parking. Each apartment can have a terrace at any level. This is an open story which, considering the Chinese predilection for plants, can grow into an elevated garden.

The wooden façades originated from the Chinese level-high doors, are redesigned into shielding walls that fold back completely to create an open space.

• location: Zongshan Lu, Hangzhou, China / study case with prof. Litzbauer


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