Garlands of Grief at Mons expo

Expo Omnia Vanitas at Gallery du WCC-BF Mons, Belgium. European capital of Culture 2015.
// Installation paper flags, salt water, scented oil

// “Dear friend, last week you died. We cried every day, we cant believe you’re not here. We cried over your birthday garlands laying around, until the colours matched our feelings.
Today, at your funeral, we’ve put them all up. Criss-cross through the mourning room. It’s such a beautiful sight! We decide to lie down on our backs, just like you… and watch the tone-on-tones wave in moving air. A few of us commemorate an epic party or one of your endless ideas. Your life with us swirls up into the flags.
We’re not grieving to be honest. We celebrate your life with these Garlands-of-Grief.”















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