// about Desiree

Grafisch ontwerper, illustrator en ruimtelijk vormgever
Herkenbaar aan een heldere vormentaal met een gelaagdheid in functie en een vleugje humor. Uiteindelijke producten hebben een warme band met handwerk en natuurlijke biomimicry.

Dees studio_MG_1014

As a graphic designer: “I work from my own studio in a former school building in historic Delfshaven, Rotterdam. Besides design work and concept, I teach and coach others towards their talents.”

De Kleine Heldenclub is een samenwerkingsverband tussen narrative designer Kirsten Kentler en grafisch ontwerper Desiree Kerklaan. Zij werken aan ‘levende boeken’ voor kinderen waarin ze bijdragen aan een natuurrijke toekomst.

– In web design I collaborate with developer Ruben Weijers of Citeflow: “Using my technical knowledge I bring ideas to life. I have over 12 years of experience in building and maintaining websites. In those years I’ve worked on both frontend and backend projects and have extensive knowledge of HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, PHP, Clojure, Haxe, WordPress, and many more.”

– With members: Heather ReynoldsKattis ÅströmMartin Holst AndreassenDesiree Kerklaan, the Branding Team researched YFU International Branding Feasibility. Examining the YFU International partner community and determining the feasibility of developing a global brand that will incorporate the YFU mission and values while embracing local culture, attitudes and beliefs.

– Interior architecture BA, Willem de Kooning Academy, Rotterdam
– Spatial Design, China Academy of Art, Hangzhou, China
– Graphic design, Grafisch Lyceum, Amsterdam
– Highschool U.S.A.
I graduated as a BDes designer at Willem de Kooning Academy on reusable housing solution for refugee camps, which was nominated for the Rotterdam Drempelprijs voor Design. I followed an exchange semester at the China Academy of Art in Hangzhou with a green architecture project, and was later involved in collaborated projects with the Tongjy University in Shanghai.
During my studies I won the Satellite Design Award for Look, a portable café.

Independent Coursework
– Biomimicry course at the ICSE, Eindhoven. With Dayna Baumeister and Michael Pawlyn
– Marketing and Communication for non-profit organizations, Poznan, Poland
– Course Chief editorial for magazines, School of journalism, Utrecht


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